ATBH Offers a Specific and Intricate Hunt….the WOLF HUNT!


Due to their wise and unpredictable behavior, few are able to successfully target a wolf.

What was traditionally a trapper’s animal is an exciting adventure with ATBH. 

A seasoned and patient hunter is needed to stand the test of time required to catch a glimpse of one of these stealthy creatures.


Effective January 1, 2012 the same mandatory hunter education requirements that apply to first-time hunters and everyone under the age of 19 applies to everybody when purchasing a Manitoba hunting licence. Please refer to the Manitoba Hunting Guide on the Manitoba Sustainable Development website or call 1-800-214- 6497 for further information.


The Manitoba Hunting Guide and the Manitoba Angling Guide, non-resident & foreign resident licence application and general information for the Department of Sustainable Development can be obtained by visiting the Manitoba Conservation website or calling 1-800-214-6497.

For general travel information and assistance, please visit the Travel Manitoba website or phone 1-800-665-0040.

Sustainable Development

All Prices are in USD
and DO NOT include taxes or licences

Non-resident tag/license $340

References available upon request.  Please contact us at atbh@mymts.net or 204-679-0735 for names and numbers